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My Workouts Lately + an at home workout


Hey there! How are you all doing today? I’ve been meaning to sit down and write a post that has nothing to do with kids and motherhood but the truth is that’s my life now and I can’t avoid mentioning it ;)

This past month my workouts have been more consistent. I’ve been able to better manage my time to squeeze in some at home workouts in addition to the classes that I am currently teaching. Once I started putting myself first and getting in those extra workouts my mood increased dramatically. Fitness is a HUGE part of my life and it was on the back burner for a few months because of postpartum recovery and adjusting to my busy life as a mom of 2.


Now that my workouts are part of my daily routine again I feel like I’m functioning better all around. My mood has increased, my energy, and my fitness performance is getting better. My body isn’t quite where I want it to be but I have some big goals for myself these next 6 weeks.


I also stepped up my nutrition game and cut out sugar and processed foods. It makes a BIG difference in how I feel and I’ve seen a difference in my stomach.

I know I’m starting to ramble…

Anyways my workouts lately have been quick, intense & tiring. I have been teaching a few classes a week and besides that I do a couple at home workouts. During those workouts I try to pack in as much as I can in about 20-30 minutes so that I can get back to mom duties.

I have popped in T-25 Dvds, insanity Max30 Dvds, and have created some of my own workouts involving the kids. I find that mixing it up helps me to stay motivated and pushes me on different levels. I’ve started to incorporate Ava into my at home workouts again so that she sees how important it is to be active and stay healthy. We did a mix of yoga, squats, planks, boxing and jumping jacks. It’s fun to see her in action and she’s becoming a phenomenal counter.

I want her to know that fitness/health is my passion and hopefully one day she will find something she is passionate about herself!

Here is one of the at home workout that I created on a day when both kids were napping and I needed fresh air. I headed into the backyard to get my workout in.  This workout requires a Jump Rope, stairs, and weights.



WARM UP with 5 Minutes of Jump Rope


15 STEP UPS (Each leg)




Repeat 3-5x or as many rounds you can.


The jump rope warm up got my heart pumping and the blood flowing for this workout. You could always do some extra squats, lunges and stretching to increase the duration of this warm up. I will definitely do this workout again for sure :)


Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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