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7 Month Baby & Postpartum Update


Ava’s baby update has become part of my healthy living blog. Her health and progress is just as important as all of us right?

This past weekend Ava hit the 7 Month mark. I absolutely love this age. She is progressing so quickly and it excites me for all the fun stuff ahead.


7 month Stats: Ava weighed in at 17lbs 5oz, she is so long and I don’t have an update on her length but she keeps stretching out. She outgrew most of her 6 month clothing so I will say she’s in 9 month gear!



We have been slowing down on the eating front. Since Ava has been sick solids are really not as appealing these last couple of weeks. She clenches her mouth shut when I try to feed her oatmeal or bananas but will open her mouth for peas, sweet potatoes, squash etc. Girl knows what she wants! The doctor said when babies are sick not to worry about the solids and just focus on the bottles which works for us right now.


They love eachother


We had a few rough nights with Ava when she was sick and coughing. She would wake up thirsty which would mean we were up a little longer then we like but its okay! She’s back on track now and sleeping from about 730 or 8pm until 545 or 6am. This works great with our schedule right now.

She usually gives us 1 good nap and 2 small ones! She’s just not into napping and doesn’t want to miss out. That’s kind of how I am..


This should be titled Play & Exercise because Ava is on the move.


Ava started crawling about a week or so ago. She’s not moving quickly yet, but every day she is picking up the pace! She learned how to sit up and stand up in her crib, she flies around in her little walker, and all she wants to do is stand on our laps or pull herself up. I have a feeling she won’t be crawling long and will skip right into the walking.


I am excited for this but everyone warns me that it just gets harder! Oh well, I am up for the challenge.


I said I was going to end these updates about my postpartum progress but I will post one more.  I was sick with a sinus infection and laryngitis over the past 10 days so my workouts have been super limited. I am feeling much better and yesterday I was back to my normal routine. I am so SORE today thanks to all the pushups I did.

My weight has stayed the same this past month and hasn’t fluctuated at all. I am focusing on gaining strength in my arms. My shoulder is still not 100% so I am finding ways to work around it and get back to my normal self. Injuries take time to heal and man does it feel like its been a while but we are almost there!


My goal this month is to increase my strength with body weight exercises like pull-ups, burpees & pushups. Since they all put a lot of pressure on the shoulder it is crucial that I don’t over due it and progress slowly.

I have another push-up challenge coming to you guys this week so get ready!!

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I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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