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February 14, 2017
by Kelly @ The Fit Skool

Bradley’s 7 Month Baby Update

I really miss blogging on a regular basis. I think about it a lot, but truthfully it seems like I don’t have a second to spare these days. When I do, I usually choose to kick my feet up and relax.

I can’t believe another month has come and gone, it really feels like I posted Bradley’s 6 month update last week.

This past month has been GREAT. I attribute the greatness to the extra hours of sleep I’ve been getting, thank you Bradley, it’s about time. (just kidding.. well not really)

I like to talk about a lot of positives in these posts but lets be real and honest here, there are a lot downs with those ups. There are sleepless nights, there are days where kids are crying and screaming left and right but those days get out numbered when there’s laughter and baby giggles, those bad days somehow get forgotten.


Before I get started on all the baby updates I want to let you know how much joy Bradley brings into our lives. He has been such a blessing not just to me, but to Marc and Ava. Even when the day seems tough, he will flash his smile and somehow our day turns around. We are lucky with this little one.


Bradley’s 7 month Baby Update

Current weight an ounce shy of 23 pounds (at his last check up he was like 97th percentile for height and weight)

Bradley is outgrowing 12 month clothes. I can’t believe I just bought 18 month onesies!!

He’s a big boy for sure. I almost debated measuring his thighs and comparing them to Ava’s because I swear they are probably the same size. There’s so much chunk to those little legs you can’t see his ankles and I LOVE it. It just makes him that much cuter.


  • to be tickled
  • when people sing to him
  • to play with anything and everything
  • roll over especially during diaper changes
  • watching his sister at ALL times
  • to reach for Cooper when he’s in the high chair, mainly to clean his hands I think
  • smile with his mouth open
  • put every item he can in his mouth
  • scream loud when people are talking so we can hear him. Yes we know you are there Bradley ;)
  • smiling
  • and smiling at everyone he sees


  • when someone takes something from him
  • being put down when he needs to burp
  • his face being wiped after he eats
  • getting dressed
  • getting his buggies sucked out of his nose
  • staying still for diaper changes
  • waking up from naps (he wakes up crying and then 2 seconds later smiles so big)



Bradley is a great eater. He loves food, milk, and chewing on anything he can get his hands on. Bradley has about 5 bottles a day and we are trying a new solid every week. So far we love: sweet potatoes, oats, rice cereal, green beans, peas, apples, bananas, avocado, butternut squash. We do not like peaches. To be honest I didn’t like them either. Peaches were one of the foods I ate every day while I was pregnant, but these gerber pureed peaches taste nothing like the real thing. Which reminds me that I need to start making my own baby food. I will… I will.

He currently has 2 bottom teeth and one of his molars and other bottom teeth are coming in so I guess we could probably try eating steak soon?? just kidding.  I bet he would like it but we’ll stick to our pureed food for now. I can’t wait to continue trying new foods because it’s so fun to see what new foods he will devour.


Last month Bradley had a couple of ear infections that left me craving sleep. Thank goodness these past 3 weeks have been so much better. Bradley goes to bed anywhere between 7pm-8m and sleeps until 6/630am. Sometimes he falls asleep earlier if Ava interrupts his naps during the day. For the most part I won’t complain about sleep, he’s made drastic improvements this past month and I’m loving it. I honestly think he’s sleeping more soundly because he eats 3 meals a day and his belly stays full!


IMG_1681 IMG_1682 (1)

Ohhhh how I love playtime. Bradley’s smile and laugh are contagious. He smiles at everyone he sees and it makes me smile to watch him. We are currently in teething mode so a lot of playtime consists on putting as many toys into his mouth as possible. He likes toys he can hold and chew on. We have a zillion toys and we rotate them so he doesn’t get bored, but believe it or not he loves the random things that aren’t toys…. packages of wipes, diapers, remotes, phones, plastic spoons and cooking utensils that Ava gives him. It makes me question why we buy toys?????


Bradley is rolling and scooting all over the place. He will be crawling any day now.


It’s funny to me because Ava was already crawling and pulling herself up to a standing position by 7 months so I’m enjoying the slower pace that Bradley is moving at. He can stay put for as long as his little heart desires ;)


Ava and Bradley’s interactions continue to melt my heart and also give me heart attacks. Ava has been such a good big sister though in all honesty. She helps me with diaper changes and brings me wipes, garbage bags, whatever I need to take care of his mess. She wipes up his spit up, she brings him toys, sings him songs when he’s crying, she tickles him to make him laugh more and I couldn’t be happier with her for doing the things she does.


I can’t wait to see what new things these two do together this month!!

IMG_1747 IMG_1744

We can’t forget about the bond between Cooper & Bradley. It’s super special and they both have so much interest in one another.

IMG_1743 IMG_1741

Cooper is a SAINT for letting Bradley tug on his ears, rip out his hair and tickle his paw. I couldn’t ask for a better dog to lookout for our baby.


I love this little boy so much, even if he is wearing a Boston Red Sox hat that Daddy makes him wear.


His smile is contagious and I hope that he always remembers to share that smile with everyone he meets.

Check back this week for a workout that you can do at home on your own time and under 30 minutes!!!

January 19, 2017
by Kelly @ The Fit Skool

Bradley’s 6 month update

The big 6 MONTH post is here and late might I add. I had it written I just hadn’t uploaded photos and to be honest the past week has been crazy. Bradley has a double ear infection yet again and all my hours have been spent on keeping him calm and comfortable.

Anyways, this past half of a year has flown by in a blink of an eye. Part of me really can’t believe Bradley is already 6 months and the other part of me can because he looks like he’s 14 months… NO JOKE.

My boy is huge.. weighing in at 22lbs and 28.5 inches long. He’s outgrowing 12 month clothing and I really can’t keep up with his clothing changes. I am afraid to buy him anything because it probably won’t fit him next week. I’m sure you are thinking ya right, but he has clothes he’s worn once because once I wash it it seems to be too tight the next time he wears it.


Lets talk a little bit more about this sweet little face…



Bradley is making me so proud with his eating. I guess because that’s all he really does. He eats a lot. He has 5-6 bottles a day plus 2 meals, one veggie or fruit and one serving of oatmeal. We loved oatmeal for a while, but now that we are eating the good stuff oatmeal isn’t his favorite anymore.

Bradley loves…

  • sweet potatoes
  • green beans
  • peas
  • butternut squash
  • pears
  • apples

Carrots didn’t agree with him so we stopped that. We are just getting into new fruits this week. I’m sure he will love bananas and avocado too.  When bradley eats, he opens his mouth wide and he takes every last bit that I offer him. He would probably keep going if I let him but then that might cause some other problems that I don’t want to deal with.


Let’s just say I’m so happy he’s a good eater and I hope he continues this way.


Is this sleep section about Bradley or me?? Lets talk about him first because his sleep is more important.

I think Bradley is a good sleeper for a 6 month old! he’s usually in bed between 630-730pm and he will sleep usually until 6 the next morning, sometimes 7am sometimes 5am but I have no complaints about that.

I will complain about his pacifier that we are trying to get rid of. He usually wakes up at 145/2am for his pacifier and then again from 5am on… sometimes it’s easy and sometimes he spits it out thousands of times and I want to chuck that stupid thing out his window…….

but I secretly love it because he can soothe himself when he has it. Why do we have these things?? It only drives parents crazy. Anyways,  when the time is right I will get rid of it but for now it works, especially when he’s teething.

This week sleep was horrible… a double ear infection means no sleep and a mom that is cranky.


Bradley didn’t want to be put down so I held him the whole night so he could sleep. The sacrifices moms make for their kids is insane but I would do anything to have a healthy happy kid. That smile in the picture is me enjoying the baby cuddles not the fact that I knew I wasn’t going to sleep.

So my sleep could be better, but it could be worse. I’ll take what I can get right now in the sleep department and push through!!! It’s just a phase of life right? If I could only remind myself that at 3am.

I currently drink 1/2 cup- 1 cup of coffee to survive. Marc laughs at me and tells me not to drink all the coffee but the truth is I’m not a big coffee drinker so that’s a lot to me ;)



The best time is always play time. Bradley with a full belly + playtime = lots of smiles and baby giggles. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, his smile & laugh are contagious to our whole family. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is he somehow makes us grin from ear to ear.

Bradley loves peekaboo, toys, books, songs, anything he can put in his mouth, rattles, and all of Ava’s toys.


If you put a toy far away from him he will roll and scoot his way to the toy. I foresee crawling in the very near future and that makes me nervous/excited. Once Ava started crawling it changed the game, but we are prepared this time and our house is baby proofed.



This past month Ava and Bradley have been interacting on a daily basis. Ava now realizes Bradley can play with toys, he can make her smile and he can pull her hair ;) She loves him and always wants to be around him when she can.

When we pick her up at school she runs over to him to give him a big hug and a kiss, it makes my heart melt. Sometimes we have to tell her not to squeeze him so hard when she hugs Bradley but she must be confused since we always ask her for big hugs.


This past month there have been some funny moments:

  • I went into the kitchen to grab a baby wipe and came back to Ava laying on top of Bradley. After a mini heart attack I was relieved to find Bradley laughing hysterically at her.
  • I asked Ava to babysit Bradley so I could go pee. He was sitting in the rock n play and when I came back she had piled as many toys as she could around him. She said he needed toys to play with and I couldn’t help but smile.
  • I came into the living room and Bradley was naked and Ava told me she was giving him a diaper change. Luckily he didn’t pee on her because she wasn’t prepared and had no diaper to change him with!

There’s a lot of crazy with these two kiddos but I wouldn’t change a thing. Ava is so sweet with her little brother and all of the chaos is worth it when I get to see the two of them laughing uncontrollably together over nothing but baby tickles.

January 2, 2017
by Kelly @ The Fit Skool

Getting personal on nursing my baby

Before I begin writing today, I would like you to know how personal this post is for me. I am a reserved girl and I keep a lot of personal information to myself and my family. Through my blog I have opened up on my life and I’m hoping that my honesty can help others through my experiences with healthy living, keeping fitness part of every day life and my number one goal of raising a healthy, happy family.


Prior to Bradley’s arrival on July 8th I promised myself and my family that I was going to try to keep him as healthy as possible. Keeping him healthy to me meant that I was going to love him as much as possible and nurse him as long as I could.  My secret goal was 3 1/2 months. That is how long I nursed Ava and I knew I could at least make it that far.

I never had issues nursing Ava. It was easy, she was quick, there was less interruptions at night from making bottles, she was healthy and we saved some money. I also developed a special bond with Ava and I learned a lot about myself from those late night feedings and long nights.

What I also learned was that nursing wasn’t always a positive experience. There are so many issues you can face such as getting the baby to latch, engorgement, nursing pain, long feedings etc. While I didn’t have major issues, I did find it challenging to leave the house to nurse. I wasn’t able to do it in public. Some women have no issue with this, but to me I dreaded being out and nursing. I would do it at someone’s house, but only if I was in a room by myself. After a few months I felt trapped and it was starting to take an emotional toll on me. While I wanted a healthy baby, I also wanted to live a “normal” life. For me that meant getting out of the house and feeding my baby from a bottle whenever I could.


Similar to Ava, I had no real issues nursing the second time around with Bradley. He was a little harder to feed, and a lot bigger and heavier to hold, but both minor problems I easily learned to work around.  So after about 3 1/2 months with Bradley my supply started slowing. Part of it was probably from a big hungry boy and part of it was me secretly starting to wean off and add in more formula so I could go out more. When I went to Bradley’s 4 month check up he was over 95th percentile for height and weight and I told his doctor I was probably going to slowly stop nursing.

She gave me words of encouragement and told me I had done a wonderful job.  She ensured me that he was not only healthy, but also an extremely happy little boy. That was really all I needed to hear to give myself the okay to stop my journey… and the best part is HE’S STILL HAPPY drinking formula. The hardest part of the transition was me letting go of my guilt.


For me, nursing was a positive experience and even though I probably could have kept going, it was the best choice to end my nursing journey when I did. I no longer had to plan my day around Bradley’s feeding schedule and we were all much happier.

For all you new moms out there my advice to you is not to put any pressure on your feeding choice for your baby. You need to do what’s best for you and your family and I encourage you to take it one day at a time. In the end, we all want our babies to be healthy & happy and your feeding choice will always be the best one.


Learn more about feeding options from The Honest Company.

December 13, 2016
by Kelly @ The Fit Skool


Happy birthday to my wonderful husband Marc!

img_1374 img_1376

I know how truly blessed I am and I will never take you for granted. Thank you for being my best friend, the best dad, the guy I can tell everything to, the guy I can sweat with, smile with, laugh with and share our amazing family with!


I know there are so many beautiful memories ahead <3

December 12, 2016
by Kelly @ The Fit Skool

Bradley’s 5 Month Update

Bradley turned 5 months this past Friday. All my attention was directed towards Ava’s birthday party with our immediate family that I had no time to write up a post. On top of it both kids have a cold. Tis the season right?

I won’t ramble any more because I want to talk about my little boy who is getting bigger and brighter by the day.



At 5 months there are no doctor check ups but we do own a scale at home and Bradley is weighing in right around 20lbs. How did that happen? I mean it’s not like he’s eating lasagna and steak yet.


Speaking of food. We just started introducing solids these past 2 weeks. Bradley tried oatmeal cereal first which he seemed open to. Then we tried green beans which were making him gag.


I’m so glad I caught this priceless photo of him saying no more mom.

Three days in a row he looked like he wanted to puke from green beans so I guess that veggie is a no no. Next we tried carrots. He seemed okay with them, but they didn’t agree with him. He spit up a couple times after. Coincidence or not we stopped feeding him them.


Lastly we tried Sweet potatoes and those seemed to be a hit. Just like him mama he woofed them down.

On a daily basis he will eat one serving of veggies at lunch and one serving of oatmeal at dinner. He still takes about 5 bottles on top of that.



Bradley is a belly sleeper and has been since he learned to roll onto his belly. He was sleeping so well and my sleep was getting good until the pacifier started taking over. Bradley loves the pacifier at night. You know who doesn’t like the pacifier…. ME!!! It’s such a pain. He spits it out several times at night but then wants it back.

He’s almost able to put it back in his mouth but most of the time it’s not successful. Probably because he’s sleepy and his room is really dark.

Sooo here I am at 2am, 330am, 5am and then some sticking that darn thing back in his mouth. We had a couple nights where he only needed it once and that was amazing but then he got a cold this past weekend and it’s been a little crazy during the night.

I told myself yesterday that I will never sleep again. It’s probably the truth and I’m trying to adjust to the no sleep thing but man I crave it. My body needs it and I don’t see it happening in the near future but I’ll pray anyways.



Play time is the best time and I’ll say that over and over. I love every second of playtime with Bradley. He’s so interested in everything you show him. It can be a book, a toy, a piano, a stuffed animal or even a package of wipes. His little hands and eyes get excited and he smiles.


He rolls and rolls for days. He really only rolls onto his belly and then when he’s done playing on his belly he kinda freaks out and we roll him back even though he knows how. It’s odd I know.

He can sit up pretty well but not entirely. If I let go he would definitely roll to his side but he’s almost there!

Bradley’s smile is CONTAGIOUS. His whole face lights up when he smiles and he literally brings so much joy to everyone in our family.


He instantly smiles when you smile at him, he smiles when he’s playing, when he’s looking at his sister, he even smiles when he spits up. He’s happy and I love it.


Bradley LOVES his sister so much. He needs to have eyes on her at all times. If he hears her voice his head swivels so fast and he catches her and smiles. It’s probably one of my favorite things besides his laugh.

He also loves Cooper. He smiles and reaches for him when he’s laying next to him on the floor.


His laugh is hilarious. While it does sound like a baby laugh it also sounds mature too. I don’t know what it is but I guarantee you will laugh too if you heard it. The easiest way for me to make him laugh is to tickle his armpits, his neck or peek a boo. Ava is the best at making Bradley laugh and It’s so cute to watch how hard she tries for those giggles.


Every day with Bradley is so much fun and we can’t wait to see what’s in store this month!!!

December 5, 2016
by Kelly @ The Fit Skool

Happy 3rd Birthday Ava!!

3 years ago today I was blessed with my little Ava.


She has added so much joy to our life and continues to amaze us each day.


She has become the BEST big sister to her brother Bradley.


We love spending every second that we can with her.


She’s smart, sassy, strong, and the sweetest!


It’s such an honor to be her mom!


We love you Ava!!

November 13, 2016
by Kelly @ The Fit Skool

Bradley’s 4 Month Baby Update

Hi Everyone! It’s been yet another month since my last post of Bradley’s 3 month update, and while I wish I had more time to post on a regular basis, the reality is that I don’t right now! I sure do miss it and I’ve filled my head with tons of new blog topics that I will hopefully get to post soon.

Today I’m sharing a 4 month update on my big boy Bradley!

img_1275 img_1273

I apologize in advance for the terrible iPhone photos but I haven’t received my new phone… long story (and you don’t want to hear about it) so I’m stuck with some terrible blurry photos. I just want you to see through the blur and realize that we have a happy baby that warms our hearts day in and day out.

Bradley at 4 months

Current weight: 18 lbs 8 oz and 27 inches long

This was the exact weight that Ava was at 9 months.  I can’t imagine how big he will be 5 months from now.


Bradley is a big boy. He’s an arm full and my biceps get tired carrying him around. I’m pretty sure he’s getting used to playing on the floor on his play mat because mama just gets tired holding him (especially after I workout myself!!)

Bradley is currently in 9 months clothing and I’m sure at christmas time he will be in 12 month clothing.


As I said in my last post Bradley is truly an easy going happy baby. He makes EVERY day so much brighter and brings a smile to everyone’s face he meets. He’s a big boy with a BIG personality and I’m blessed he joined our family. We all can’t get enough of him.



Bradley is a hungryyyyy baby. I am jealous of all the moms who’s babies eat strictly every 3 1/2 hours but that’s not the case here. He usually eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. It could be worse but I still feel like he’s eating all the time.  I am praying his doctor approves him for some cereal soon or maybe even a hamburger?



I won’t complain about my sleep but I do hope things get better soon! I am usually up every 3 hours with Bradley but lately he gives one good stretch of 5 hours in the beginning and then goes another 3 hours until the morning. He goes to bed around 7:30/8pm feeds at 10pm, 3pm and 6am. He’s usually up for the day around 7:30am unless he goes to the bathroom ;)




Playtime is awesome. The smiles from Bradley are endless. He absolutely loves toys, his sister Ava’s crazy faces and noises, he loves TV (which we don’t let him watch but his eyes always seem to find it). he also loves his doggie and gets super excited when he’s around.

He’s not too interested in books but it’s still early. For now we will keep the bright colored toys and stuffed animals around.


  • rolling over back to belly (it’s his favorite trick)
  • holds his bottle but only for a few seconds
  • belly laughs at Ava
  • slept through the night!!
  • can stand for long periods with support

How’s mama doing?

At 4 months postpartum I feel like my fitness journey has just begun. My body can handle a little more. During month 3 I pushed hard and I was crampy and had some stomach pains here and there so I backed off a bit. It was quite odd but I listened to my body and didn’t do any high intensity exercises.


I am feeling great overall and of course I feel amazing on the days I actually get a good nights sleep. 2 kids is no joke. It’s fun, challenging, rewarding and draining all at once!!

Cooper loves being a big brother again. He’s used to all the baby chaos and has been a saint with Bradley. Minus a few pacifier steels ;)


Over the last month Ava’s love for Bradley grew significantly. She’s much more kind & gentle with her baby brother. She actually loves sharing her toys with him and loves hearing him laugh at her.


I wouldn’t have this crazy life any other way and love the little family we have.

October 9, 2016
by Kelly @ The Fit Skool
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Bradley’s 3 Month Baby Update

I am super excited to post today and share with you a little about our lives this past month and how much things have changed in such a short period of time. I last posted with Bradley’s 2 month update and I promised myself I would keep the updates going.


I also promised myself I would post his birth story and I finished PART 1 so that will be posted next week!


Bradley at 3 months


Current weight: 17 lbs.. my boy is BIG!!!

Bradley is currently in 6 months clothing and I’m not even sure how long he will stay in those he is growing so fast!

Bradley is truly an easy going happy baby. I feel lucky to have him in my life and he makes every day so much brighter with his BIG smile, he is so happy that he makes me happy. His grin lights up the room and no matter what mood I’m in he will always make it a good one.



Bradley’s eating has gotten a lot better this month. He’s probably not as good as Ava was but he’s starting to get more of a schedule going and he’s quick & efficient which makes my life a lot easier. None of his feedings take longer then 10 minutes. He probably feeds about 5-6 times a day sometimes 7 but his stretches are about 3-3 1/2 hours.

I can’t complain at all and I won’t!



Another thing I won’t complain about it sleep. This past month we made leaps and bounds. He started off giving me a 6 hour stretch, we regressed a little and went back to 4 hours but then we hit 6 1/2. We also were fortunate to get two 8 hour stretches and when mama gets 7 hours of sleep I feel like a new woman. No joke.

When I wake up and the clock says any number passed 5am I’m like… What the… AWESOME!

I didn’t want to get my hopes up after those good nights but I take that good nights sleep and run with it. I also secretly pray that this is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ava started to sleep for 8-9 hours around this time so I was hoping my little boy would do the same!



Playtime is the best time. Probably because smiles, laughs, flailing arms and legs and happy noises make my day. Bradley adores Ava’s craziness, her toys that she shows him, he loves staring at Cooper’s sweet face, he can’t get enough of looking in the mirror at himself, he loves his playmats, his colorful stuffed animals and anyone that will talk to him. I think he knows he’s cute and that’s why he always smiles.

It’s so fun to watch him as he observes his surroundings and I would pay to know what is going through that little brain of his as he reaches for toys and giggles at the light on the ceiling.


Lets talk about some of Bradley’s Firsts.


  • reaching for toys
  • holding onto toys
  • diaper blowout thank god dad was home for this one
  • projectile vomit all over mama and the rocking chair.. again thank god dad was home for this one
  • smiling & giggling (2 months)
  • rolling over from Belly to Back (2 months)
  • holding his head up on his own
  • sleeping through the night (I wish there were endless amounts of these)

img_1163 img_1164

I can’t wait for more firsts and to see how much Bradley grows this month. I know that time flies so I’m really trying to soak in all of the baby moments that I can while he’s this little. I know that in the blink of an eye he’s going to be as big as Ava and while that’s great I just can’t let him grow up that fast!!


How’s mama doing?

I am officially 3 months postpartum and I’m feeling great. Last month I was feeling good, but not THIS good. I’m sleeping better and I swear when I get my sleep I am an all around better person. I can tackle more of my to-do list, I can workout harder, I’m a better mom, a better wife, a better everything I think? Don’t you feel better when you sleep good?!

I am starting to see more physical changes now that fitness is part of my normal routine. It really does feel good to be back to exercising consistently. Boot camp kicked my butt this past month and I was sore after every workout that I completed. Is it weird that I like kicking my own butt? My arms and legs are a lot stronger and my mushy belly is FINALLY starting to give a little. For a second I thought I was stuck with the dough boy but it’s slowly getting tighter thanks to all the boot camp planking. Lets not forget my boy is big, Bradley’s an armful and I gotta admit that my arms are a lot stronger this time around thanks to my 17 pounder.

As for exercise, I have been getting in at least 4 days of workouts per week. I have listened to my body more and if I miss a day of exercise I don’t sweat it because you know what, I don’t have the time to worry about that. My day is filled with kids activities and family stuff that I literally don’t have time to think about anything except for what’s going on in that moment. While sometimes it’s great, other times I miss my super organized planner self that has coffee and lunches packed the night before. I’m getting there and each day I’m getting better at everything!!!

Enough of my rambles…. I’ll be back soon with a non baby post for you I Swear!!

September 15, 2016
by Kelly @ The Fit Skool
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Bradley’s 2 Month Baby Update

Well hello there.

I hope you aren’t giving up on me and The Fit Skool just yet. I’m taking time to adjust to being a mom of two, easing back into work and making time for myself.

I do miss blogging on a regular basis, but I guess my priorities have changed and I have to cut back a bit for now.

So in good old baby number 2 fashion, this 2 month update is coming about a week late. I also apologize for lack of pictures but my iPhone broke and I am currently without my photos :( I will definitely post some separately once my phone is fixed.


is officially 9 weeks old and past 2 months. His current weight at his 2 month check up was 15 lbs. He was 24 inches long.


Basically he’s huge. Ava wasn’t 15lbs until she was 5 months old so he’s a big baby to me.

He is such an easy going baby that loves to smile tons and give silly faces. He brightens each morning for sure!! I would have to say he’s like a cup of coffee and to be honest I haven’t been drinking much because he literally increases my energy with his big old grin on a daily basis. So does Ava ;)


Eating has been totally different compared to my experience with Ava. This boy has no set schedule and to be honest I’m okay with that. Sometimes he eats every 2 hours sometimes it’s 3 or 3 1/2. I just go with the flow and feed him when he’s hungry.

Speaking of hungry. Bradley knows how to cry when he’s hungry. He screams so loud you could probably hear him down the street, and I basically try to avoid him getting to that point and feeding him before he gets SUPER hungry.


Just like his eating, daytime sleep is ALL over the place. Partially because our schedules are crazy and he’s in and out of the car a decent amount, plus Ava makes it a little difficult to nap when he’s home.

He naps a few times a day, probably 3-4 naps. Some are 20 minutes, an hour, and his longest one is the afternoon nap which is usually around 2-2 1/2 hours.

At night he’s been sleeping around 8pm until 6:30am with 2 feedings in between. I get one long stretch of 5-6 hours which is pretty good for a 2 month old. Don’t let me fool you though, I can’t wait until this guy gives me an 8 hour stretch ;)


Playtime is an all time favorite with Bradley in our house. Marc, Ava and I love putting him on his play mat or on the ground and talking to him, tickling him and making noises with him. He’s such a happy smiley baby and we enjoy all those moments.

He rolled over from his tummy to his back several times already which is super impressive. My boy is STRONG like his sister.

I can’t wait for more playtime fun and all the new things he’s going to learn these next 2 months!

How’s mama?


Fitness & Health….

I am currently at my pre birth weight which is great, I’m not looking to lose more then a couple pounds but things with my body have definitely changed. I still have a mushy belly, my arms aren’t as strong, and I have some fitness goals to lean out a bit.

As for being a mom of two…

Motherhood has taken a whole new turn with 2 kids and although I have had numerous challenging days, I have amazing days that make those bad days disappear. I have 2 happy healthy kids that give life a whole new meaning. They are so much fun to be around, they keep me on my toes, and they make me work 110% to be the best mom possible.

I found myself struggling a bit the first 3 weeks after having Bradley. I had my old mindset of being superwoman and wanted to get everything done between bills, cleaning, feeding kids, entertaining 2 kids, taking care of myself, walking the dog and all the stuff that comes in between that. Realistically I couldn’t do it all, I needed Marc to help, my family and whoever else lent a hand.

Once I let go of the unimportant things in my life everything got so much easier. I was able to enjoy more of the time with my family and worry less about a messy house, a sink full of dishes, 3 large piles of laundry and Cooper only getting 1 walk instead of 2. I knew we would all live and get through the chaos once I was fully recovered.

Now that I’m recovered things are back to normal and I feel like I can be superwoman again. JUST KIDDING… being superwoman is nearly impossible but it’s worth a shot and I will continue to strive to be that woman.

I hope that you will continue to support my blog and I promise I will be getting in more posts :)

September 5, 2016
by Kelly @ The Fit Skool

Do you fear the scale??… Beets Blu Scale Review

Do you fear the scale?

Some people don’t own a scale and I understand their reasoning. Scales can be your enemy but I really don’t look at it that way. I look at the scale as a tool to help me live a healthy life.

Growing up we had a scale in our house and I never feared it. I’d get on and except the number. The scale doesn’t lie. For most of my life I never had to worry about that number either and I’m thankful for that, but there did come a time that I got on the scale and I wasn’t happy with the result.

From that point on, I worked until I got where I wanted to be and proved to myself that hard work pays off and you really can do anything you put your mind to. The scale proved to be a useful tool in helping me achieve my goal and the results that I wanted.

I was asked to review the Beets Blu Scale and I didn’t hesitate to say yes.


I already had a great scale at home but I do use one and I use them with my clients so why not test out a new one?! This scale intrigued me for the pure fact that it registers your body fat. To me the body fat percentage is the most important number. Yes your weight is important too but that number doesn’t show you how much muscle or how much fat you have.

When I saw this on the product information I was anxious to try it.

Here is some of my feedback:

Beets Blu Scale Review 


Why do I need Scale?

Beets BLU Bluetooth Scale is a simple device with an elegant design dedicated for monitoring your
weight, fat percentage, body water and muscle mass. The scale is helpful in forming a habit of measuring your body in the simplest way ever.

  • It performs the most accurate weight and BMI measurements.
  • It uploads the data wirelessly via Bluetooth to the native application or to many other fitness and health applications.
  • It helps you to analyze the data and choose the most apt way to track your weight loss.


  • I love the sleek look of the scale
  • it’s lightweight
  • easy to use
  • there is an audio feature from the app that tells you your stats


  • it logs your numbers and compares your weekly and monthly scale results
  • the app is easy to set up and you can store multiple users


  • The only bad thing I have to say about this scale is that my body fat percentage was off a couple times. One reading said 20% and another said 5.4%. I knew my body wasn’t at 5.4%. I just had a baby and I had some extra fat hanging around if you know what I mean!!


Besides that, I love the features and the product!! This will definitely be a tool that my family will use on a regular basis. I think Marc may like it the most, he’s used it way more then I have ;)

To find out more details or to purchase the Beets Blu Scale for your family the Beets Blue Scale is available through for $59.95.